What the heck is Domain Authority?

30 December 2020

What the heck is Domain Authority?

What the heck is Domain Authority?

Do you know there are over 250 factors Google consider before they determine which websites makes from the first page to the last page, when a showing results for a search?

It is next to impossible to optimize the contents and website for all the over 250 factors Google considered.

However, there is one factor that is very important to search engine. It could actually be said to be the most important factor in Search Engine Optimization.

Guess what it is? Domain Authority!

Domain authority is a search engine ranking score that varies from 1 to 100, that determines a website chance of showing up in search engine results pages.

The closer a domain authority to 100, the higher the chance of appearing the first few pages in search engine results pages

It would be a suicidal not to try and improve your domain Authority.

Domain Authority

Search Engine Perspective

Domain Authority is your Website Authority. Often, domain authority is used interchangeable with Website authority.

A domain with a high authority is seen as a thought leader in the perspective of the search engines. So, how can a website achieve high domain authority?

A domain can have a high domain authority when it provides the highest quality content about a specific subject matter. Let me explain.

If your website is constantly and steadily churning out great contents about a specific subject matter and the contents encourage visitors to you website and spend some considerable amount of time. You will achieve high domain authority.

However, if the contents on your website are not that great and it does not inspire readers to visitors to your site, achieving a high domain authority is not possible.

Great and engaging contents greatly determine the authority of a domain.

And No! Great and engaging contents do not alone determine the authority of a domain, however, the play major role.

Domain Authority

High Quality Inbound links

When a domain with high domain authority links to your website, it shares some of its glory with you. You achieve some high quality link.

Wikipedia is an example of website that has a high domain authority. If Wikipedia referenced a content of your website and links to it, then, you achieved a high quality link.

The number of links to your website do not determine its authority, however the number of links from domain with high authority does.

Numbers of Visitors

A website with a large number of visitors is doing something right and it is an authority in that field.

There are millions of websites. Millions upon Millions websites actually.

If your website attracts huge numbers of visitors, then your website will be an authority in the website space your website belongs too.

Average Spent on the Website

The amount of time your website visitors spend is an indication how engaging your contents on the websites are.

Engaging contents on your website is an indication that you are an authority in your website niche.

Your domain authority increases as your web visitors clicks on some links, spend more time, read some of your older posts. All these indicate that your website is engaging.

Dynamics of Domain Authority

Domain authority is measured in relative to other websites offering the same service.

A high domain authority can be challenging to acquire, however, it is more challenging to keep one. It is much easier to increase from 40% to 50% than it is to increase from 80% to 90% in domain ranking.

Your domain authority ranking can also reduce.

The loss of some quality backlinks, reduction in the numbers of visitors and also reduction in the average spent time on your website, will lead to loss of some of your domain authority.

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