Hotel Websites are turning into live Concierge Agencies

04 August 2019

Hotel Websites are turning into live Concierge Agencies

Poor hotel website presentation gradually ceases to exist, with more organized and advanced platforms taking their place, giving complete and targeted information to travelers about their chosen destination.

It is commonly known that the hotel is the main point of interest of travelers, and the place they trust the most when they want to ask for information related to their travel plan, something that the hotelier must be prepared to answer.

Hotel Websites Greece

For this reason, modern hotel websites are transforming into live concierge spots, through which the traveler can find information in relation to activities in the area, services that can be purchased and interesting blogging content about possible things to do around the hotel area.

What the hotelier should do:

  • Create a special map section that relates the hotel with a number of “things to do” in the area.
  • Arrange guides including the basic travel information, such as popular beaches, restaurants etc.
  • Include a special section with basic travel services, such car rental, and transfers.
  • Maintain an active blog with interesting content related to the area.

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