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04 September 2019

Promotion, Hotel & Restaurant Advertising on TripAdvisor

Your page may be on TripAdvisor whether you created it or not. As long as your business becomes more and more popular, there will be more comments.

Take advantage of your TripAdvisor page

Take your page management in your hands and take advantage of TripAdvisor as a great marketing tool.

Fill in and verify that all information included in your listing is correct, upload photos, and always respond to comments, positive or negative.

What will definitely attract the world is something special that your business offers. Promote what makes you as special and as special as possible and your customers will do the same. Use it in your Facebook ad as a hashtag and in your social media posts.

TripAdvisor Reviews

Encourage your customers to write reviews

The more reviews you see in your business, the more likely you are to convince travelers to make a reservation with your rich content.

The more recent these reviews, the more interest your potential customers will show for your fresh and up-to-date material. There are many tools through TripAdvisor that will help you encourage travelers to write their reviews.

Advertise your business on TripAdvisor

Ads on TripAdvisor are a new marketing solution available for your business on TripAdvisor.

Ads on TripAdvisor drive traffic to your listing by promoting your business in exclusive advertised placements.

Ads target a specific audience of customers looking for a place to stay or eat in your area.

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