Hotel content in third-party websites is the key to success

12 August 2019

Hotel content in third-party websites is the key to success

It is well-known that the correct, enriched content, regarding texts and photographs, is the basis of digital marketing and affects all its mechanisms, from search engines to social media.

But since consumers are constantly bombarded with insignificant content, the importance of the targeted content is increasing, in order to meet specific needs and form a connection with the consumer.

The content is highly related to the media producing and creating it, adding to its value. Therefore, the cooperation between hoteliers and third-party media is necessary, for the strategic development of the hotel.

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What the hotelier should do:

  • Choose the media that fit the profile of the property, which target the proper audience groups, and set up strong partnerships, in terms of content and distribution.
  • Order specialized content, answering specific questions regarding travelers’ needs, making them identify themselves with the property.
  • Create visual materials (videos + photos) for the categories you want to target, including a clear message, something that would increase the reach of its content on the Media.

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