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Dolphin Navigation has been specializing in offering luxury Mykonos cruises in the Cyclades since 2004. Our experienced skippers and crew welcome you to join a variety of memorable Mykonos boat tours, guaranteeing moments of relaxation and adventure on the azure Aegean waters.

Enrich your holiday with a relaxing sailing tour and get the chance to immerse yourself in a diverse and magical Aegean landscape. Sail comfortably on one of our selected state-of-the-art boats and unravel the Cyclades’ mysteries while soaking in the revitalizing sun.

At Dolphin Navigation, we take pride in catering to our customers with the best Mykonos cruises and alternative sailing routes around the Cyclades. Offering consultation and guidance, we craft sailing itineraries to your liking and provide you with exclusive services on the Aegean Sea.

Having turned our passion for the sea into a profession, we aim to deliver high-quality cruises in Mykonos, ensuring an exceptional sailing venture in the Cyclades. Aiming higher, we plan to increase our fleet of vessels and provide you with further, customized, private, and semi-private Mykonos cruises enhanced with new itineraries in the nearby islands.

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