Hotel Website: Tips To Stand Out From The Competition

30 August 2019

Hotel Website Design: Tips To Stand Out From The Competition

Hotel websites are one of the most important sales sources, since the majority of the travelers visit them before making their final decision.

Regardless of the channel they will finally use to complete their booking, travelers use the hotel’s official website to find more complete information about the property, but also look for the potential of a better offer.

Based on the above, hotel websites present significant potentials for boosting a hotel’s revenue. Therefore, they should reflect not only their level of services, but also the level of the final experience that the customer will live.

The creation of a successful hotel website, however, is a dynamic procedure, particularly as the online world constantly changes and evolves. Consequently, for the optimum results, a hotel website must be constantly upgraded, following the technological developments as well as the consumers’ behavior modifications.

In this article, we will present the main points of a hotel website’s development, trying to help Effectlab’s audience to turn their online presence into their property’s strongest sales outlet, through comprehensive methods and easily understood examples.

In addition to the main steps that every accommodation has to follow, you can also find in this article practical examples as well as smart tips, that will help you even more in your efforts for creating a competitive Hotel Website.

Price comparison widget to enhance your direct bookings

Regardless of the way a traveler ended up on your website either through an advertisement or following a Google search after locating your hotel on an OTA, one thing is for sure: that this traveler is searching for the best price and is aware of the fact that your hotel can be booked from several other sources.

In the modern online world, there are special widgets that can inform your website’s visitors about the real-time prices they can get on the various OTAs as well as on your official booking engine, emphasizing the fact that you have the best price and thus enhancing your direct bookings.

However, the use of this tool requires particular attention, since if there is a big differentiation between your official rates and the ones on the various OTAs, this may create suspicion to the traveler and lead to negative results.

Loyalty Programs through your Booking Engine

As mentioned above, providing a competitive price requires additional attention, both for parity reasons and keeping the right impressions.

A solution to this problem can be the loyalty programs that certain booking engines provide, which ensure more privileges or special prices to the registered members of each hotel’s relevant loyalty program.

Travelers register through the hotel’s booking engine, giving to hoteliers the opportunity to increase their direct bookings, while collecting more information about the travel audience.

Offer publishing tool for boosting the low seasons.

Offers are undoubtedly something that the travel audience loves. And, of course, it is one of the strongest tools that will help you turn your website’s visitors into real customers.

The specification of a mechanism that will instantly inform the audience about your existing offers, is one of the most important tools for increasing your direct bookings.

This feature, is now provided by several booking engines. However, in case your own booking engine does not support this, ask your collaborating IT partners to build a similar tool for your website.

Of course, it is important that the relevant pop ups that announce the offer appear on the right spots without hindering the easy navigation, ensuring, at all times, the offer’s visibility.

Special environment for the travelers that have already booked.

Besides the audience that is still making a research, hotel websites are also visited by travelers who have already confirmed their booking, in order to find more information about the property.

The creation of a special Section for this audience, can not only collect details about travelers who have booked through a third-part source and then visited your website, but also inform them about the available activities and things to do inside and around the hotel.

This upgraded service can increase the travelers’ satisfaction even prior to their arrival, and even boost your spa and restaurant’s sales.

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